The world can never see enough love and kindness being spread, so when I heard about Evelyn Henson’s Confetti Heart Wall alongside Jeni’s Ice Creams (yum!) all I needed was someone who spreads love, joy and kindness everywhere she goes to come with me. Enter stage right, Kaitlyn!

And let’s not forget another dear friend, Nicole who is also full of light and love, who joined us for the fun. Alas, I didn’t get her in front of the camera this time!


Guaranteed, any time we get together, there is a whole lot of shenanigans and laughter.


But she’s also up for any and every adventure I’ve proposed along the way.


And let’s all agree, red is totally her color, right?!


If you’re looking for somewhere to cuddle with your loved one(s) and have some fun, visit the Confetti Hearts Wall, and then stop in for some ice cream! And if you want some awesome photos of your visit, let’s connect!

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